Avatars and Robots As Our Future Teachers?

A few weeks ago, I became discussing the reality that is rapidly approaching of college curriculums utilizing Avatars, Online Lectures, and Robots. Sounds like a Science Fiction movie, but this the truth is coming faster than a lot of people understand. Let me provide some dialogue that is additional this.

You see, an acquaintance asked if I’d heard of the concepts of avatars in training, and particularly pointed me towards the MindShift educational web log, then he wondered my ideas on the teacher-student relationship because of the future of robots and avatars and when we believed online university lectures were the long run. Interestingly enough, i actually do, to discover all of these and much more education technologies completely reshaping how we think of school. Allow me now explain a few of my experiences and observations.

Now then, when I went along to initial DARPA Grand Challenge, at the banquet we sat with a female from Florida who was simply a psychologist and at the dining table we all chatted about human-robot interaction, then later as I viewed the job at Carnegie Mellon, MIT and in Japan with Asimo on psychological mimicking and mirroring, all of that made feeling to me for emotional bonding, we obtain it. Indeed, We visited an lecture that is interesting the University of Riverside in CA where Autistic Teaching researchers revealed unbelievable success into the class, freeing up teachers from expensive private training, which can be “appropriate” but hard to stomach for the taxpayers and college systems.

Then I watched the lectures on children in Quora (Sp?) where they caused Avatars and collaborated half real means around the globe. Yes, I have written with this topic, dozens of addressed in here in this essay and exactly how to use the synergy from it all by simply understanding how mental performance believes, learns, and synthesizes information. Kids really like this material, maybe because it is brand new, and possibly they’ll not like it once the nuance wears down in let’s say 15-years when robots are pervasive in all aspects of contemporary life, nonetheless we now have an actual opportunity right now, so we should take it.

You see, I am unconvinced that just speaing frankly about it is enough anymore about it and writing. In my opinion it is the right time to carry it all to fruition also to make it work, only then can we reap the rewards of getting educated the generation that is next the point that they can endure, thrive and improve upon our technologically advanced society. That’s just how I see it, think about you. Shoot me personally an email, let us talk. Until then please consider all this and think on it.